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You may be reading the title of this article and thinking to yourself "Is this person crazy? Why boring old Puchalla Village?" or "What about Candyland, or Lush Lake?". Well read on because I certainly have reasons on why I think Puchalla Village is the best! At the end of the article however, it's still just my opinion. Read on for my reasoning and see what you think!

The LocationEdit

Easy Home AccessEdit


The FoodEdit

You might not think much of the food in Puchalla. Surely the fast foods in Slater Park and the sweets in Candyland are better! But of you want your pets to eat healthy meals that are still delicous, Puchalla is the place to be! Take a look, the village has four main food shops! Fruit and vegetables, meats, and canned food! All four of these foods are healthy and natural and they taste great when cooked! Mix some meat with a side of veggies or have some canned foods. Your pet will thank you!

Medical SuppliesEdit

If your pet comes down with a illness you don't need to worry about traveling to find a cure. The medical supplies shop is right in the heart of town!

It's Close to Slater ParkEdit

That's right, it's the closest without actually living in Slater Park! If you live near the border, you can even see a view of Slater Park's ferris wheel!