Is your pet craving a sugar high? Does their mouth water at the mere mention of Candyland? Well look no further! These are the most sugar loaded treats in Marada! All taste tested by my pet puffao Slice, the treats are listed from least sugary to practically sugar infused!

The CountdownEdit

Chocolate Chip MuffinEdit

Starting off small, we have a simple treat that's still equally as delicious. Nice sugary bread, with the largest chunks of chocolate baked in, is a truly tasty breakfast! The chocolate is probably the sweetest part as my pet Slice stated.

Ghost FloatiesEdit

The sugary rice puffs of this cereal are sure to please! The cereal grains start small, and even healthy, but with loads of frosting added, it's sure to wake you up in the morning! This frosted cereal is one of the most popular in the market.

Vanilla Ice Cream ConeEdit

Mmmm, who doesn't like ice cream? Freshly scooped vanilla in a crispy sugary cone is sure to make your pets mouth water!

Chocolate DropsEdit

Large Chocolate MilkEdit


Festive PizzaEdit