Want to make big discoveries in Marada? A scientist could be a good job for you!

Qualifications NeededEdit

  • Speed: 2
  • Charisma: 1
  • Language: 5
  • Maths: 1
  • Science: 10
  • Books: 5

Job DetailsEdit

Being a scientist requires 10 Science credits and 5 Language credits. Scientists require lots of study and patience while working. You can choose from a wide range of work, you can study the land of Marada or work on new medications for new illnesses. You can also choose to work with physics and atom spliting.

Advice from ExpertsEdit

"Only choose to do science if it's something you truly love. Each day requires your full attention!" ~ Minka the Sindi

"Don't be discouraged if you don't discover anything new! You are still helping out in the field!" ~ Tordo the Ike