How To Edit

To edit a wiki page is very easy, all you have to do is click where it says "edit this page" and look for the part where you want to add to, type what you need to type, then "save"!

There is no need to be afraid, everything you do can be reverted if you make a mistake. I rarely revert changes unless it's vandalism, so your edits are safe to be kept. I rather "fix" any errors than to revert to the last save. It is easy to understand that we're all humans and we can make mistakes. The reason why I'd rather fix, than delete is that if a table went berserk because of some text you added (yes this sometimes can happen, its normal, and Ok), I do not want to get rid of the information you entered; but rather fix the table instead =)

The only thing we do not like is vandalism, we do not tolerate it at all. Also, be careful when you're removing text instead of adding, we at Wikia would rather add, than take away, unless of course the content is untrue, or plagiarism, vandalism, etc. so make sure you do not take away something that someone else would benefit from!

I urge you to visit these pages:

Want to know what's needed? You can search for "wanted" pages!

The red links mean the page is in need of creation. Plain text is cool with us and if needed we can add pictures later. Some pages do not even need pictures. So don't be shy, kick-off your shoes, and feel at home :)

--Molokaicreeper 01:48, February 28, 2010 (UTC)