Chocolate pets are midly popular in the land of Marada. The infamous Chocolate Costume costs cheaper than other costumes. With Candyland's chocolate river and many delicous chocolate treats made from it, the sugary substance is highly adored in Marada.


So you've decided to give your pet a chocolatey new look. Chocolate pets undergo a remarkable transformation. They are not a delicious new treat, they are still living and breathing, and still need to be taken care of. It is rather helpful to look at the anatomy and structure of chocolate pets to understand how they work.

If we were to cut a chocolate Marapet open (which you should NOT do under ANY circumstances) you would be surprised to find a actual working body! They are not hollow, but they have all the normal organs that a basic color pet would, the only difference is that the organs are formed with chocolate. Some of the organs lose their purpose, including the lungs, liver, and kidneys, but they remain in the body. Blood is also absent from the body. 

Some chocolate pets have chocolate drizzle on their skin or even whipped cream. Please remember that these are parts of their bodies as well and they can feel them!


Living ConditionsEdit

This is by far the most tricky part of owning a chocolate pet. As you know by now these pets are made of actual chocolate and yes, they can melt or freeze! Unfortunately, owning one of these may mean you'll have to move! Many owners are unaware of where to go. Candyland might seem perfect, but in actuality, the warm sun can harm chocolate pets. Biala Mountain is much too cold. Believe it or not, the best places for chocolate pets to live, is Vortex Park or Undying Woods! The eternal state of night in Undying Woods is the perfect temperature out of all the lands!


This comes as a surprise to many owners, but chocolate pets can actually only eat chocolate! Any other type of food cannot be processed by the chocolate organs. They can possibly be able to process eating small seeds, but that's about it!

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