Yakubi chinese

Yakubis. If you own one of these amazing pets, you know that they can seem disgruntled a lot of the time. But Yakubis are content and appreciative marapets. Really! If you're curious I complied this article of things you can do or but for your Yakubi that would certainly appreciate. Doing these things on their birthdays or another special event would make them feel very special.


Surprised? Yakubis actually do care about their looks, quite a bit. They'll very much love it if you brought home some unique and fresh smelling soaps or lotions. The frills on a Yakubi should be kept cared for and moisturized. The best product for this is a simple bar of Soap, but Blackberry Hand Soap or Rose Soap also works and helps your Yakubi smell nice as well!


Yakubis are intellectual creatures, and love a good book. They would absolutely love it if you come home with a new book, a blanket, and give them some alone time in their room. Which books are interesting for Yakubis? Well, it depends on their personality, but books that all Yakubis would be willing to read are the classic Yakubi, and Yakubi Skeleton Book, the bacon book (or any food book really!), and the Book of Pyramids.


What pet doesn't want a life like replica of their species? Yakubi plushies do a great job of replicating real Yakubis, from basic red, green, blue, and yellow, to more rare colors such as fire. I picked plushies because I am not too found of the Yakubi Action Figure which is rather dull and robotic. Just make sure not to spend your marapoints on a enchanted plushie, unless your Yakubi wants a color change!


Nearly all pets love chocolate treats shaped like themselves but wanna hear a secret? Many claim that the best white chocolate treat is the white chocolate Yakubi! Try it for yourself and see!

Your LoveEdit

That's right, the thing your Yakubi will love the most is you being there, feeding them, giving them a warm home, and loving them. This is basically what all pets want; a kind owner who will take them places, play with them and just be there! If you are a caring owner, know that your Yakubi is grateful, even if they don't always show it!